What am I here for?

Knowledge is nothing compared to understanding. And I feel like that’s something my friends and family should grasp.

Many people have known me for years but very few if any,understand me. And things like that make me feel so alienated, so alone.

You know I’d be in a crowded house and still feel alone. I’ll say something and get no response. It sucks it’s actually the worst thing. Which brings me to this…

Why am I here? If friends of 10 years and family of a lifetime don’t understand how is the world going to even try to understand. Then what am I doing here?

Maybe I’m some alien chick that fell into earth and got stuck with a bunch of humans. Or maybe my vibrations are to high for them. But then again, why  am I here? 

If they won’t shine for me like the moon always does, if they not gonna sync with me then why am I here?

I really don’t know either but the sparkle in my eyes makes me believe there’s more to me. I’m the universe wrapped in a melanin skin.